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Take your hair extension brand to the next level with our custom hair extension logo design! Fill out our questionnaire?and we will send you multiple different concept choices.


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Logo Design

  • Free Revisions
  • Multiple-Concept Choices
  • Web Ready Design Formats
  • Print Ready Design Formats
  • First set of Logos in 5 Business Days!

Hair Extension & Mink Lash Brand Logo Design

We all know the importance of a professional logo for your brand.

Having the right design is crucial. The Private Label Extensions design team can take your concept to reality.

Once you order we will send you a link to fill out a questionnaire to get a better idea of the design you are looking for.

After the designers have received your information they will design multiple concepts. This process takes up to 5 business days. You will then choose your favorite concept and let us know if you would like any revisions.

Please note that revisions will take 1 – 3 business days to update.

When we have the perfect design approved by you then we will create the final files and send them over.

Reviews (26)

26 reviews for Logo Design

  1. Zoe Kiadii

    The team delivered my logo exactly how I wanted it to be . They made sure to follow directions and execute each details exactly how I imagined. Thank you so much !

    • Brittany

      So, if you are a drop ship member your logo design does not come on the hair wraps on the hair?

      • Private Label Extensions

        Private Label Extension’s logo will not be attached to any of the dropship orders. IF you are a member, you may send us your shipment and packing material to have us put on your orders.

  2. seachelle84.lw

    I am very satisfied with my logo! PLE got back with me promptly within the time that was quoted to produce my logo AND when doing my revisions. They made sure I was satisfied, and I must say that I most definitely am!

    • brandedbybiancaquinna

      Can you bring your own logo and they put it on the item?

    • Rukieda Johnson

      Where do I put in detail what i would like my logo to look like ?

      • Private Label Extensions

        Once you are finished with your transaction, you are sent a questionnaire to fill out. You will have six different concept choices to choose from.

    • Dajunay s

      What all comes with the 79 dollars what am i paying for ?

      • Private Label Extensions

        That purely pays for the process of your design. Once you process your order, a link to fill out a questionnaire will be sent over to you, so we can have a better idea of the design you are looking for. When the designers receive your information, they will start the project and design 6 different concepts. This can take up to 5 business days. Once you have chosen your favorite concept, you have the option for any revision regarding your choice. This revision normally takes up to 1-3 business days to update.

    • Sheresse Taylor

      Do your long come tagged on the extensions you order?

      • Private Label Extensions

        Yes, they do. Unless you are a dropship member, they do not.

    • Nae

      Hello , with this logo choice does it also come with logo signs to put in or on lash classes like 49.99 choice ?

      • maryannesalas

        This design is only for your logo. We have a separate logo design for lashes.

    • Mercedes

      How much is it for just a logo for lashes? How do I send it ?

      • Private Label Extensions

        Our lash design logo is $79. As soon as you order, you will get a link for your questionnaire for you to fill out to enable us to get a better idea of the design you are looking for. After the designers have received your information they will design 6 concepts. This process takes up to 5 business days. You will then choose your favorite concept and let us know if you would like any revisions.

    • jahnee.hudson

      what if you already have your own logo you’d like to use?

      • Private Label Extensions

        If you already have your own logo, then you may go ahead and purchase whichever custom label printing you may like.

    • queendior1

      If I already have my own logo, how do I go about getting my custom labels printed?

    • allboutdelicious

      After u pay $79, Is it an additional fee for printing and sending your logos? If so, how much?

      • Private Label Extensions

        The logo design does not include print. If you need a logo firsthand, this would be the first step to take. If you need any printing services, please check out our branding tab for a variety of options that works for your needs. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  3. kierramcnair.m534

    Do I have to purchase the hair and lashes to get the logo or can I just purchase be logo and it be shipped?

    • Private Label Extensions

      You may purchase the logo all on its own.

    • Beauté LeJoy

      I have multiple companies. Can I purchase a logo for another company in an entirely different genre of business or does it have to be related?

      • Private Label Extensions

        It would have to be related.

    • Autumn

      Should I order a logo, if I want to purchase a dropship website?

      • Private Label Extensions

        It is not necessary, but if you want your business to be more appealing, then we provide this option for you.

    • leisha

      I already have a logo I just need stickers made to put on my edge control

      • Private Label Extensions

        Perfect! You are ready to settle on our custom edge control labels. You may customize your edge control with a label showcasing your brand. All you will have to do is attach your custom label design in your shopping cart. Let us know how we can help!

    • Brittany

      If I want to purchase a website for hair, lashes, and the edge control would I have to do three different memberships? There aren’t any options for combination website hostings.

      • Private Label Extensions

        Our websites are preset with hair, lashes, and edge control unless you purchase the lash website by itself then those are not included. When you purchase a website, it waives the fee of a dropship membership as long as you keep up with your $19.99 monthly hosting fees.

  4. Zaynah Jackson

    If I order the website from you guys and gain access to the drop shipping website to place orders. When someone places a order do I have to order hair tags and packaging in addition to the website

    • Private Label Extensions

      As a dropship member, we provide the basic packaging for you. If you have your own packing material that you would like to send to us for your customers, that in an offer included with the membership.

  5. kennedyrichmond21

    I am very appreciative PLE offers a logo design. I was searching EVERYWHERE and the others weren’t the style I was looking for. Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted.

  6. LaChelle Williams

    I just have a question: PLE did my logo and it is great! I am getting ready to open a salon. My current logo that I use for my brand is Sally’s Beauty and Tresses (fake name). I want the same exact logo for my salon, but I want it to say, Sally’s Beauty Bar. Since PLE did my logo, and they have the fonts and files, could they make another logo for me or show me how to change the words? Would I have to purchase a brand new logo?

  7. Katrice Allen

    I just have a quick question, do you have to purchase one of your websites for our product we chose or can we do our own website?

  8. daiahtomi

    Once you get your logo do you have to keep purchasing it for future sales or is it just the $79 one time?

    • Private Label Extensions

      Once we have completed a logo design, it is only a one-time fee unless you would like us to design a new logo for you. You would only have to re-order printed logos.

  9. Liliana guitron

    How many logos included on the 79$

    • Private Label Extensions

      A logo design is for one logo alone, if you would want us to create more logos for you, it would be a separate purchase.

  10. Shania brown

    Is it best to not get a drop ship memebership ? I am trying to understand the membership and what’s included because it seems like the items are separate . I want to purchase a logo , design , edge control and sets of lashes . And I want to pay it all at one time and I was trying to figure out what is best . I need a logo and design done .

    • Private Label Extensions

      We have branding options for you where we can help you design one and also print them for lash, bags, and edge control branding. If your purchase a website through us, it comes with a dropship membership. Dropship is great if you do not want to deal with inventory as well as shipping and handling. Visit our dropship bundles page for more information.

  11. Kay

    I am willing to do the logo for lashes, I am currently looking for packaging for the lashes is that something you provide?

    • Private Label Extensions

      Our lashes come in a standard clear package. We do not offer any packaging options for our lashes at the moment.

  12. Kay

    Does the label design come with lash packaging

    • Private Label Extensions

      No, it does not. The logo design is of us to help design a logo for you. If you want your logos printed, that is a different purchase.

  13. Taylor

    When I purchase my logo will I be able to use it on all my lash trays I purchase from PLE or will I have to keep re-purchasing the logo ?

    • Private Label Extensions

      This logo design is to help you create a logo. If you want labels printed that is a completely different purchase. We have custom labels for 3D mink lash labels as well as label design for 3D mink lash if you need us to help you create a design. When you purchase a logo design, it is custom made for only one logo. If you wish you have different logos, you would have to purchase it again for however many you would like.

  14. Monique

    How do you know what the customer would like their logo to be? When I went to purchase, there were no forms for me to fill out to give your company an idea.

    • Private Label Extensions

      As soon as your order is done processing, we will send you a link to a questionnaire. You then have to fill this out to get a better idea of the kind of design you are looking for. After the designers receive the information you provided, they will design 6 concepts for you to choose from. This takes up to five business days. When you choose your favorite concept, you can let us know if you would like any revisions done.

  15. April

    If we purchase the website through you do we have to sign up for your services?

    • Private Label Extensions

      If you keep your hosting with us, you will automatically gain access our dropship services. If you decide to change your hosting, then you will no longer have the ability to access the free account.

  16. Rea

    if i decide to purchase a website and drop shipping from you all, could i send you the logo i already have made so that it can be put on everything? is that a extra fee? also if i have my own logo and i do the website+drop shipping, do i have to pay separate for you to send hair out in custom bags and lashes out in cases with my logo?

    • Private Label Extensions

      When you purchase a website from us, you gain free access to a dropship membership along with your purchase as long as you keep your hosting with us. This includes access to the amenities the membership comes with, which includes the ability to have us pack your orders with your branding material as long as it is qualified. Once you become a member, you may fill out a form in our dropship bundles page to send your branding materials over to us for your customer packages, at no extra cost.

  17. Jane

    So if I become a drop ship member, I have to purchase packaging, logo design, and tags separate and send to you guys to include on my purchases?

    • Private Label Extensions

      It is not mandatory nor required. You may do so as an option to boost your company marketing.

  18. Livvy Allure

    Love My Lash Label Design! Thanks So much!!

  19. Devon Steele

    Five stars for sure.The first 6 concepts reflected the concept ideas I had sent PLE during my original survey to see what kind of logo i was looking for. It only took one revision (which was free), to have a final logo made. I love it, and immediately shared it to all of my business accounts as soon as PLE sent me my Zip drive.

  20. Stasia

    I? have a question what if I? wanted to order lashes from you all & also create a logo & design for my lashes ?

    • Private Label Extensions

      Hello, you are able to do both. Simply select our branding options for lashes to fit your needs. If you have any questions feel free to call us or shoot us a message at [email protected]

  21. losaig0025

    im unclear, i notice that PLE sales branding material so does drop shipping….so who i order my branding material from if im a drop shipping member? or do i just order my branding material from PLE and send the information to drop shipping so they can put it on my packaging ?

    • Private Label Extensions

      Hey there, you can purchase from either or. We post it on there for customer’s convenience.

    • LV DeBerry

      If I purchase a logo with you guys and it is revise will you send it in a file of some sort?

      • Private Label Extensions

        Yes, we send it to you via email.

  22. Tashia

    I love how my logo came out! They listened to what I said in the questionnaire and gave 6 beautiful options to choose from. After picking my favorite with some requested changes they gave 3 revised options and were willing to alter more if I needed. The turn around time was quick and efficient and I’m very satisfied with the finished product.

  23. Ever Knawls

    Does the logo go on the bundles and bags purchased?

    • Private Label Extensions

      Our logo design is simple for customers who do not have logos for their company as of yet. We have custom printing services you make take advantage of under our branding option on our home page. If you have any questions, please ask away.

  24. Shonte Perry

    First of all, PLE’s design team is freaking awesome. I asked for a unique logo to represent my brand and also to reflect the purpose behind it, guess what? They delivered concepts beyond my expectations. Choosing 1 was hard but worth it in the end. I love this company and would be no where without you guys!!!

    • Emelia Adu

      More like a question

      I wanted to get the logo design for both hair n lash and also purchase the website from you guys
      How much is all gonna cost

      • Private Label Extensions

        If you don’t already have a logo, we can create one for you. You are on the correct page, for custom prints, it depends on exactly what you would like. Visit our branding page, so you are able to see what we have available for printing. For websites, we currently have them at 50% off. Visit our sister company, Dropship Bundles for more information.

  25. Channell

    My logo turned out great worth every penny I strongly recommend

  26. Shawn

    I order a logo design.. they were very fast with the product. I would recommend to other.

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