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Ever thought of starting your own Edge Control brand and didn’t know where to get started? Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

There is nothing more exciting than launching your own product line(Check out this article on how to start a hair product line)!

There is a lot involved when trying to find the right edge control product that your customers will love. We also can not forget that your product will need proper branding and packaging to give it a special touch.

You probably already know our company for starting amazing virgin hair extension brands. The good news is the team at Private Label Extensions does not only help? our clients start amazing hair and lash brands but we also specialize in starting??edge control brands as well.

Private Label Extensions can assist you with launching your own line of edge control from start to finish. You will need to have a few things setup before getting your brand off the ground.

Here are a few things that you will need and some tips on how to get them:

Brand Name – Have you thought of what the brand name of your new edge control line is going to be? Your brand name is very important because this will be the name or phrase that people will recognize your product by. Who wants to be boring by calling their edge control, “edge control”? Of course your brand name can include those words but add an adjective to it and spice things up.

You can get creative.? You have to decide if you want something catchy, sassy or really professional sounding. We generally recommend something that will match your brand’s personality.

You want the name of your brand to be the same across the board from social media to your website. Before naming your brand make sure that your brand’s name is not taken by another business and that it is available on social media and as a website. Doing this will help you keep your brand name consistent across the board which will help people find your brand on various media platforms.

Social Media – If you are really serious about starting your own edge control line then you probably want to learn a thing or two about social media. Even if you can not afford to hire a social media? you will probably want to register the social media accounts for the brand name. This will also be important when trying to decide what you would like to name your brand.

Website / Domain Name – Are you going to create a new website for your brand? Make sure the domain name is available that matches your brand name and social media accounts. If you are adding the edge control line to your current brand or website it should be a little easier.

Logo – If you are not adding the new edge control line to your current line of beauty products and creating a new brand from scratch then you will need a logo designed. Make sure you are given the hi-resolution copies for label printing!

After you have figured out the initial branding for your new brand then Private Label Extensions can get your product?off the ground quickly.

Edge Control Products – We have received rave reviews from both of our edge control options. Not only do we offer both a purse size ready 2oz but we also have a 4oz version that is great for your beauty cabinet. We offer both the standard clear Edge Control as well as a special Black Edition Edge Control.

Label Design – Make sure you have a professionally designed logo that has the proper bleed marks so parts of your label are not cut off during production. What other text do you want to add to your label? These are important parts of the label design. If you need help with this then you would be excited to use our Label Design for Edge Control.

Edge Control Labels – Once you have the perfect design for the labels you will need the perfect label printed for the top of the edge control container to showcase your brand. We offer custom printed Edge Control Labels that will fit the lids of our edge control perfectly!

Side Labels – Great news! We have a standard side label that is included with every edge control. It has usage instructions as well as the ingredients for the edge control.

Once you have your labels printed you can then decide on how much product?you would like to purchase. We sell them as individual units or you can save on the per unit cost with our case of 20. The case option

We sell them as individual units or you can save on the per unit cost with our case of 20. The case option is generally great to stock your salon or for your E-commerce store.

We keep our products?heavily stocked so orders received before 3 pm will ship the same day.

If you are part of our Dropshipping Program then we can ship them out for you individually. We will hold your labels and when you sell an edge control we can label, pack & ship it for you.

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Starting your own brand is a really exciting adventure.

Here at Private Label Extensions, we focus on helping beauty entrepreneurs launch their own brands.

We have taken the feedback from others to find out what some of the more difficult parts of getting started are. With the help of design, printing, and products there is not too much left needed to launch. Start your Edge control brand now!